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Discover the best toilet bowl replacement services in Singapore, renowned for providing top-notch quality at the most affordable prices. Our team specializes in the cheapest toilet bowl replacement options without compromising on excellence. Inquire about our free toilet bowl replacement services in Singapore, a unique offering that combines cost-effectiveness with high-quality service. Learn more about the cost-effective solutions we provide, ensuring your satisfaction with every toilet bowl replacement project.


Types of Toilet Bowls We Offer


Wall Mounted Toilets

Wall Mounted toilets, ideal for toilet installation in modern bathrooms, offer a sleek, space-saving design. They require careful alignment of the water supply line and closet bolts during installation.


Floor Mounted Toilets

Floor Mounted models are traditional and widely used, suitable for varied bathroom layouts. During installation, a wax ring is essential for ensuring a proper seal, especially since these toilets tend to have a direct connection to the floor drainage system.


One-Piece Toilet

The One-Piece toilet, a seamless unit, is easier to clean and maintain, making it a great option when choosing a new toilet. Its single structure simplifies the toilet installation process.


Two-Piece Toilet

The Two-Piece toilet, known for its versatile design and ease of handling, is a common choice for those looking to replace a toilet. This type often involves dealing with an old wax ring and closet bolts during toilet removal.


S Trap Toilet Bowls

S Trap toilets, which connect to the floor, are common in many homes, especially when replacing an old toilet. They may require a new wax ring and putty knife for installation.


P Trap Toilet Bowls

P Trap toilets, connecting to the wall, are often found in newer constructions and can be considered when planning to install a toilet. Their installation might include new closet bolts and a fresh wax ring.

Details of Our Toilet Bowl Replacement Services

At Pro Handyman, our adept technicians not only carry out a comprehensive examination of your current toilet bowl to determine if there’s a need for a replacement but also assess the need for
toilet flush system replacement or toilet flush repair services.

Alongside our extensive array of top-quality toilet bowls, we also provide options for those looking into
bidet spray installation, catering to both your budget and bathroom design inclinations.

Our proficient team doesn’t just focus on toilet bowl installations. They also offer
toilet sink installation services, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free setup, all while strictly adhering to Singapore’s building standards and regulations.

Beyond the toilet bowl, we take responsibility for discarding any related fixtures, such as the old toilet or toilet seat, in an environmentally-friendly manner. This reduces labor costs and helps save money while adhering to Singapore’s waste disposal protocols.

toilet bowl replacement singapore

Common Causes of Toilet Bowl Replacement

Cracks or Damage
One primary reason for considering toilet bowl replacement in Singapore is visible damage or cracks. Such imperfections can result in leakages, potentially causing considerable water damage in your bathroom. A thorough toilet installation or toilet replacement project can address these issues.

Persistent Clogging
If you encounter regular clogs, it’s a sign that your old toilet bowl might be malfunctioning or obsolete and may need replacement. A new toilet can alleviate these frequent clogging issues.

Water Inefficiency
Older models of toilet bowls tend to use more water with each flush. This not only increases your water bills but also raises environmental concerns. A new toilet can help save money on water consumption.

Aesthetic Upgrades
Opting for a newer or more stylish toilet bowl can significantly enhance your bathroom’s look and functionality. Installing a new toilet not only upgrades aesthetics but also adds efficiency.

Tips to Maintain Your Toilet Bowl


Regular Cleaning
To ensure the longevity of your toilet bowl and avert early replacements, it’s essential to clean it consistently. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your toilet seat and the bowl itself.

Chemical Caution
Steer clear of aggressive chemical cleaners which might harm both the external and internal parts of your new toilet bowl.

Leakage Inspection
It’s vital to routinely check your toilet bowl for any indications of leaks. Addressing these swiftly can curtail any potential water damage, especially important when you replace a toilet.

Clog Prevention
Make it a point not to flush unsuitable items down the toilet. For minor blockages, a plunger can be a handy tool to ensure a clear passage and prevent issues that require toilet removal or toilet replacement.

Why Choose Pro Handyman for Toilet Bowl Replacement?

Choosing Pro Handyman for your toilet bowl replacement in Singapore guarantees you the following:


Our team of experienced and well-trained handymen ensures your toilet bowl replacement is carried out precisely and professionally.

Quality Materials

We offer a wide range of high-quality toilet bowls, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our dedicated customer support team is available to address your concerns and ensure your complete satisfaction.

FAQ for Toilet Bowl Replacement Singapore

Some common signs that indicate needing a toilet bowl replacement include persistent clogging, cracks or damage to the bowl, water inefficiency, or an outdated appearance. Our skilled technicians can thoroughly inspect to determine if a replacement is necessary.

The duration of a toilet bowl replacement depends on various factors, such as the installation’s complexity and the selected product’s availability. Generally, our experienced handypersons can complete a standard toilet bowl replacement within a few hours.

At Pro Handyman, we provide a wide range of high-quality toilet bowls from trusted brands, including wall-mounted, floor-mounted, one-piece, and two-piece designs. Our team can help you choose the right toilet bowl to suit your budget and bathroom design preferences.

The cost of toilet bowl replacement varies depending on factors such as the type of toilet bowl, the complexity of the installation, and additional services required. Please contact our customer support team for a customized quote based on your specific needs.

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