Kitchen Cabinet Carpentry Singapore

Discover the best kitchen cabinet carpentry services in Singapore, where quality meets affordability. Get the cheapest kitchen cabinet carpentry services without compromising on excellence, ensuring you receive top value for the price. Specializing in small carpentry work, our Singapore team tailors to the unique dimensions of your space. Elevate your home with our skilled carpentry, designed to enhance and optimize your kitchen’s aesthetic and functionality.

Kitchen Cabinet Carpentry Singapore

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Carpentry We Offer

At Pro Handyman, we specialise in a diverse range of kitchen cabinet carpentry services, including kitchen carpentry and kitchen cabinet door repair, tailored to your kitchen renovation and remodelling needs.

Kitchen Countertop Replacement

Kitchen Countertop Replacement

Kitchen countertops are essential for meal preparation and providing space for electrical appliances like coffeemakers and microwaves. They’re increasingly doubling as bar tops in modern kitchen designs, offering a stylish and functional dining option. Depending on your storage needs, the area beneath can be designed with open space or outfitted with cabinets for added convenience.

Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Kitchen Storage Cabinets Replacement/ Repair

Custom kitchen storage cabinets are a seamless way to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your space. With a vast selection of affordable, ready-made, and custom cabinetry options, you can easily achieve the desired look and organization for your kitchen, ensuring everything has its place. Whether it’s a new creation or a kitchen cabinet laminate replacement,we ensure the highest quality in every unit.

Kitchen Island Carpentry

Kitchen Island Carpentry

A custom kitchen island is the vibrant heart of the kitchen, centralizing daily tasks and social interactions. Our design approach ensures that the island complements the workflow without obstructing access to essential areas, and we can even incorporate appliances like stoves into the island for a cohesive and functional design.

Kitchen Cabinet Laminate Replacement

Kitchen Cabinet Laminate Replacement /Refacing

For cabinets that remain sturdy but looks worn out and yearns for a revitalised appearance, our refacing service is the answer. This process can breathe new life into your cabinet doors, bestowing your kitchen with a renewed aura and enhanced storage solutions.

Kitchen Cabinet Repair

Kitchen Cabinet Repair

Encountering issues like damaged doors, drawers, or faulty hinges and handles? Our skilled team stands ready for all your kitchen cabinet repair needs, revitalizing your cabinets to their optimal state and ensuring that wood elements look as good as new.

Kitchen Shelving Installation

Kitchen Shelving Installation

Revitalise your kitchen with our kitchen shelving installation services, crafted to expand storage and ease of access, all while integrating flawlessly with your kitchen’s aesthetic. Our skilled handyman ensures enduring quality, from elegant floating shelves to robust built-ins, enhancing both the function and fashion of your culinary space.

Procedures to Engage Our Kitchen Carpentry Services

To engage Pro Handyman’s Kitchen Carpentry Services, start with an initial consultation where we’ll understand your needs, from cabinet repairs to bespoke islands. Choose from our array of services including countertop installation and laminate refacing, tailored to your aesthetic and functional desires. 

Receive a competitive quote and convenient scheduling, followed by meticulous craftsmanship and continuous communication during project execution. The process concludes with a final walkthrough to ensure quality and satisfaction, with ongoing support as needed, guaranteeing a professional experience from start to finish.

kitchen cabinet carpentry singapore

The Carpenter’s Guide to a Functional and Stylish Kitchen

Guide to a Functional and Stylish Kitchen

For a triumphant kitchen cabinet carpentry endeavour, adhering to a structured approach is pivotal.

Construction & Layout
Our expertise lies in crafting kitchen cabinets that perfectly align with your style preferences and practical needs. Each design is thoughtfully created to enhance your kitchen’s functionality, with options ranging from surround cabinets that optimize your cooking area to eye-catching modern islands. With our extensive experience, we ensure that every cabinet we construct embodies the highest quality, tailored to complement your kitchen theme and surface requirements for cooking and dining.

Integrating with Appliances
When planning your kitchen cabinet layout, the integration of appliances is paramount. It’s essential to decide on the placement of your preparation area, stove, refrigerator, and sink beforehand, ensuring that the layout is practical—like avoiding the placement of heat-producing appliances next to cooling units. Our design process guarantees easy access to essential services, creating a seamless and efficient kitchen environment.

Kitchen Island Design
The kitchen island isn’t just a statement piece; it’s the central hub where daily routines and social interactions converge. In designing an island, we ensure it supports the kitchen workflow without obstructing access to key areas like the stove or sink. Versatile in function, our islands can also accommodate cooking appliances, transforming into an interactive and centralized cooking station.

Countertop Functionality
Countertops are more than just surfaces for food preparation—they’re a versatile feature accommodating appliances, providing additional dining space, and enhancing your kitchen’s design. Whether you opt for a modern bartop for casual dining or need additional storage, we design countertops that are not only functional but also beautifully integrated with the overall aesthetics of your kitchen cabinetry.

Why Choose Pro Handyman for your Kitchen Cabinet Carpentry?

Pro Handyman prides itself on its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction


Our skilled artisans have years of experience in kitchen cabinet carpentry, ensuring precision and quality in every project.

Quality Materials

We use premium materials and pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure your kitchen cabinets are aesthetically pleasing but also durable and functional.

Fast and Reliable

With Pro Handyman, you can expect timely service, fair pricing, and excellent after-sales support.

FAQ for Kitchen Cabinet Carpentry

Pro Handyman offers kitchen cabinet carpentry services, including custom kitchen cabinet design and construction, cabinet refacing, cabinet repair, and cabinet installation.

Absolutely. Our team of experienced craftsmen will work with you to understand your needs, preferences, and the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Then, we will design custom kitchen cabinets that optimally use your space and match your style.

We use various high-quality materials for kitchen cabinets, including hardwood, plywood, and Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF). The choice of material depends on your preferences, the style of your kitchen, and your budget.

The cost of our kitchen cabinet carpentry services depends on several factors, such as the design complexity, the material chosen, and the size of your kitchen. We aim to provide fair and competitive pricing and will give a detailed quote after the initial consultation.

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