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For expert and free lighting repair services in Singapore, look no further. Specializing in lamp repair and restoration, we ensure your lighting fixtures, from table lamps to overhead lights, function beautifully. Need a quick change of light bulbs in Singapore? Our prompt and skilled technicians provide the reliable assistance you need.


Lighting Repair Services We Offer


Efficient Light Bulb Replacement

Replacing light bulbs can be a frequent need, particularly when there are numerous light fixtures or if they’re situated in hard-to-reach places. A professional service ensures safe and efficient light replacement without the hassle.


Updating Light Fittings

When light fittings malfunction, they require prompt light fixture replacement to maintain functionality and safety. This task, often more complex than replacing a bulb, should be handled by skilled technicians to ensure proper lighting installation and operation.


Creating New Lighting Points

The desire for additional lighting installations in a room necessitates the installation of new light installation points. Such installations are intricate and should be executed by professional electricians to ensure the new lighting is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Chandelier Light Installation

Chandeliers serve as a grand central lighting fixture and demand careful handling for light installation or bulb replacement. Their complexity and height make professional lighting installation services vital, especially to ensure safety for homes with elderly individuals.


Ceiling Light Fitting

Installing ceiling light fixtures can be challenging, involving the removal of covers and precise handling. The task typically requires tools like ladders and screwdrivers, making it essential to enlist a handyman for a secure and correct light installation.


Fluorescent Tube Replacement

Fluorescent lights are a staple in homes and commercial spaces, favored for their low heat emission and energy efficiency. Replacing fluorescent tubes, however, can be tricky; incorrect positioning or excessive force may damage the light fixtures. To ensure functionality, it is advisable to replace both tubes in a pair, even if only one has failed, as their lifespans are typically synchronized.


Transition to LED Lighting

Switching to LED lights from traditional fluorescent bulbs is becoming a popular choice for its trendiness and energy-saving benefits. LED light bulbs not only offer a warm, inviting glow but also boast longevity and immediate energy savings. These lights provide consistent, flicker-free illumination with high color accuracy, making them suitable for a range of applications, from creating a cozy ambiance to bright lights for lighting up specific areas. For assistance with upgrading to LED lighting, our skilled electricians are at your service for a seamless transition.

Our comprehensive services extend to complex tasks such as complete rewiring and reinstallation, which involve disconnecting power and circuits to safely replace wires and light fixtures. These critical jobs should always be undertaken by experienced professionals to ensure a high standard of work and safety.

What Does Our Lighting Repair Services Involve?

Pro Handyman Singapore recognises the significance of efficient lighting systems in both residential and commercial environments. In addition to our light installation service, we offer a broad spectrum of lighting repair services, ensuring that every aspect of your lighting system functions flawlessly.

Expert Bulb Replacement Services
Our lighting repair services begin with skilled bulb replacement, where our specialists adeptly restore the brilliance of your space by replacing faulty light bulbs. This ensures a bright and safe environment, maintaining the ambiance and functionality of your lighting setup.

Comprehensive Fixture Repair
Our experienced technicians are well-versed in repairing various light fixture-related issues, from loose connections and faulty light switches to broken sockets. We conduct thorough diagnostics to identify the root causes and apply durable fixes to any lighting fixture malfunctions.

Safe Wiring and Electrical Solutions
Understanding the complexities and risks associated with light installation wiring and electrical repairs, our professional electricians provide meticulous inspections and repairs. Additionally, our team is proficient in light switch repair, swiftly addressing and resolving any operational issues, thus enhancing your ability to control the lighting ambiance effortlessly.

Lighting Repair Services

Common Causes for Lighting Repair

Troubleshooting Inoperative Light Fixtures
When light fixtures fail to switch on, it’s important to consider several potential causes. The issue could stem from a fused bulb or tube, or malfunctioning electronic components like starters or drivers. Often, electrical wiring issues or wear and tear from prolonged use or aging can also prevent the fixture from lighting up.

Addressing Flickering Lights
Flickering lights can be a sign of a bulb nearing the end of its life or deteriorating switch contacts. Loose electrical connections, whether in the switch, panel, junction box, or socket, can also interrupt the steady flow of electricity to the fixture. If flickering occurs house-wide, it often points to a problem with the main wire connection.

Preventing Premature Light Bulb Burnout
Several factors can reduce the lifespan of your light bulbs. Using a bulb with incorrect wattage can lead to poor heat dissipation, resulting in quicker burnouts. Loose connections in the wiring or the socket, as well as bulbs of inferior quality, are also common culprits for this issue.

Tips to Maintain Your Lighting Fixtures


Regular Cleaning Routine
To enhance the durability of your lighting fixtures and minimize the necessity for repairs, regular cleaning is crucial. Dust and debris accumulation can impair their function and efficiency. A simple, careful wipe-down with a soft cloth or the use of a gentle cleaner will maintain their performance and appearance.

Vigilance Against Loose Connections
Maintain the reliability of your lighting by regularly checking for and promptly addressing any loose connections or exposed wires. Such preventative measures can avert common problems like flickering lights or unstable power supply, ensuring your fixtures operate smoothly.

Wattage Awareness
Being aware of the maximum wattage your lighting fixtures are designed to support is key to their longevity. Using bulbs that exceed the recommended wattage can produce excessive heat, leading to accelerated wear and tear. Always choose bulbs that are well within the fixture’s wattage specifications to prevent such issues.

Why Choose Pro Handyman for Lighting Repair Services?

When it comes to lighting repair services in Singapore, Pro Handyman stands out for several reasons:


Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in handling lighting repair issues. They possess the expertise to diagnose problems accurately and provide efficient solutions.

Quality Service

We Pro Handyman, we prioritize quality in every service aspect. Our technicians utilize top-quality tools and materials to ensure the repairs are done to the highest standards, ensuring long-lasting results.

Fast and Efficient Service

We understand the urgency of lighting repairs and strive to respond quickly to your service requests. Our team is committed to delivering timely and reliable solutions, minimizing disruptions to your daily routine.

FAQ for Lighting Repair Services

Hiring a lighting repair professional ensures the job is done safely and accurately. Professionals have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and address electrical issues, minimizing the risk of accidents or further damage to your lighting fixtures.

We Pro Handyman, we repair various types of lighting fixtures, including ceiling lights, wall sconces, pendant lights, track lights, recessed lights, chandeliers, and more. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle various lighting fixtures commonly found in residential and commercial spaces.

The duration of a lighting repair service depends on the issue’s complexity and the job’s specific requirements. Simple repairs, such as bulb replacements or switch repairs, can typically be completed quickly. However, more extensive repairs or wiring-related issues may require additional time. Our technicians strive to complete the job efficiently while maintaining high-quality workmanship.

Yes, we understand that lighting emergencies can occur anytime. That’s why we offer emergency lighting repair services in Singapore. Our team is available round the clock to address urgent lighting issues and promptly restore illumination to your space.

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