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Transform your kitchen with our professional kitchen cabinet repair and refinishing services in Singapore. Discover cost-effective solutions with our cheap kitchen cabinet repair services, ensuring quality and durability. From hinge to handle, we specialize in repair kitchen cabinet Singapore for a seamless home improvement experience. Need to fix a cabinet door? Our experts are adept at repair kitchen cabinet door tasks, delivering excellence with every project.


Details of Our Kitchen Cabinet Repair

The kitchen stands as the heart of every Singaporean home, a vibrant hub where families come together to cook, eat, reminisce, and create cherished memories. Central to this vital area are the kitchen cabinets, which not only offer functional storage but also greatly influence the room’s aesthetics. With time, these cabinets might experience wear and tear, become outdated, or suffer from water damage. Kitchen carpentry services in Singapore offer a range of solutions to address these concerns and keep your cabinets in pristine condition.


Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement

Kitchen cabinet doors, when damaged or outdated, can significantly affect the overall look of the kitchen. Opting for ready-made kitchen cabinet doors can be an economical way to refresh the aesthetic without the need for a full renovation.


Kitchen Cabinet Laminate Replacement

A kitchen’s allure can be easily diminished by damaged or peeling laminate. Thankfully, there are services specialising in kitchen cabinet laminate replacement, which not only revive the cabinets but also fortify them against everyday wear and moisture.


Sink Cabinet Repair

Cabinets situated under the sink are particularly susceptible to water damage, which might lead to rot, mould formation, and weakened structure. Services focusing on sink cabinet repair can quickly rectify these problems, preserving the core functionality of your kitchen.


Water Damage Repair

Water damage, whether from leaks or regular kitchen activities, poses a common challenge. It’s essential to have these cabinets repaired to maintain their functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Kitche Cabinet Modification

At times, there’s a need to modify the size, height, or layout of kitchen cabinets, perhaps to integrate new appliances, improve user-friendliness, or enhance storage space. Kitchen cabinet carpentry services in Singapore can tailor-make solutions to meet these unique requirements, elevating the efficiency and design of the kitchen.


Ready-Made Kitchen Cabinet Doors

For homeowners looking for a quick yet significant upgrade, ready-made kitchen cabinet doors are a standout choice, offering a variety of stylish and robust door designs ready to transform your space.

In summary, these comprehensive handyman services are instrumental in ensuring that your kitchen remains captivating, functional, and of value. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, they ensure that homeowners are left with a kitchen they truly cherish.

kitchen cabinet repair Singapore

7 Common Causes for Kitchen Cabinet Problems

Loose Hinges
A common issue in kitchen cabinets is the loosening of hinge screws over time. This results in doors that sag or fail to close correctly, often requiring a simple yet crucial tightening or replacement to maintain functionality.

Damaged Finish
The aesthetic appeal of kitchen cabinets can be compromised by scratches or fading finishes, leaving them looking worn and outdated. This wear and tear can significantly detract from the overall look of a kitchen, signaling the need for a touch-up or a complete cabinet door replacement.

Warped Doors
Fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels can lead to the warping of cabinet doors. Such warping can prevent doors from fitting snugly, which may necessitate professional adjustment or replacement to ensure proper alignment.

Broken Drawer Slides
Drawer slides that are damaged or have deteriorated over time impede the smooth operation of kitchen drawers, making them challenging to open or close and often requiring repair or replacement for smooth functionality.

Water Damage
Exposure to water from leaks can wreak havoc on cabinets, causing wood to warp or rot. Prompt kitchen cabinet repair services are crucial in addressing water damage to prevent further deterioration of the cabinet’s structure.

Loose Handles or Knobs
Over time, the handles or knobs on kitchen cabinets can loosen, hindering the operation of doors and drawers. Additionally, water leakage in the kitchen can exacerbate this problem, damaging wooden cabinets and necessitating prompt kitchen cabinet repair service to prevent further damage.

Chipping Paint
Chipped paint on cabinet drawers and doors not only mars the kitchen’s appearance but also signals the need for kitchen cabinet repair. Regular inspection and timely maintenance services can keep kitchen cabinets in pristine condition, avoiding the downtrodden look of peeling paint.

5 Tips to Maintain Your Kitchen Cabinets in Singapore


Regular Cleaning
Maintaining your kitchen cabinets in Singapore starts with regular cleaning. This prevents the build-up of grease and grime that can lead to long-term damage. A consistent cleaning schedule keeps your cabinets looking new and functioning well.

Ventilation and Moisture Control
Good ventilation is vital in a kitchen environment to protect your cabinets from humidity and moisture, which can cause warping and other damage. Ensuring your kitchen is well-ventilated will help in preserving the integrity of your kitchen cabinet.

Promptly Address Leaks and Spills
Water damage is a significant threat to kitchen cabinets. Addressing any leaks or spills immediately can prevent the moisture from seeping into the cabinets and causing warping or rot, which are particularly problematic in Singapore’s humid climate.

Use Gentle Cleaning Products
When cleaning your cabinets, choosing gentle products is crucial to maintaining the finish. Harsh chemicals can strip the cabinet’s protective coatings and leave them vulnerable to further damage.

Hardware Maintenance
A simple yet effective maintenance tip is to periodically check and tighten the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. This ensures that doors and drawers continue to operate smoothly and reduces the risk of further cabinet repair.

Why Choose Pro Handyman for Your Kitchen Cabinet Repair Singapore Needs:

We are committed to providing our esteemed clients good service and unmatched professionalism. Here are the key reasons why selecting us for your sliding door repair requirements would be an excellent decision:


Our proficient and highly skilled technicians possess the requisite knowledge and expertise to address various kitchen cabinet repair requirements, thereby guaranteeing exceptional workmanship.

Quality materials

We use high-quality materials and hardware to guarantee lasting repairs and extend the life of your kitchen cabinets.

Fast and efficient service

We understand the importance of a functional kitchen, so we strive to complete repairs quickly and efficiently to minimize disruption to your daily routine.

FAQ for Kitchen Cabinet Repair

We provide a comprehensive range of kitchen cabinet door replacement services in Singapore. Depending on your preference and budget, we can replace doors on existing cabinets with either custom-made or ready-made kitchen cabinets.

Our skilled handymen are experienced in bathroom cabinet repair. This includes fixing damaged doors, drawers, and hinges and addressing any water damage issues.

Kitchen cabinet modification typically involves altering the structure or layout of your existing kitchen cabinets. This could include changing the cabinet height, width, or depth to accommodate new appliances or provide improved storage solutions.

Yes, we offer sink cabinet repair services. Water damage to cabinet bottoms is a common issue we deal with. Our experts can assess the extent of the damage and recommend appropriate repair or replacement solutions.

Indeed, kitchen cabinet laminate replacement is one of our specialties. We’ll remove the old laminate and apply a new one, giving your cabinets a refreshed appearance.

The cost to repair water-damaged kitchen cabinets can vary widely depending on the extent of the damage. We suggest scheduling an appointment for an accurate quote. It’s worth noting that replacement may be more cost-effective if the damage is severe, such as in the case of water-damaged particle board cabinets.

Yes, we offer services to replace kitchen cabinet doors in Singapore. It’s an effective way to upgrade your kitchen’s look without needing a complete remodel.

Our team can advise on best practices to prevent water damage, including using waterproof sealants or ensuring proper ventilation in the kitchen. Additionally, we recommend regular maintenance checks to detect and fix any early signs of water damage.

It largely depends on your specific home insurance policy. Some water-damaged kitchen cabinet insurance policies may cover the damages, especially if it’s due to accidental or sudden incidents like a burst pipe. It’s best to consult with your home insurance provider for precise information.

The process for fixing damaged kitchen cabinets can vary depending on the type and extent of the damage. Repairs can range from simple tasks like tightening loose hinges to more complex jobs like replacing water-damaged parts. Our team of experts will assess the situation and propose the most effective solution.

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