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Discover the best toilet flush system replacement services in Singapore, specializing in dual flush systems and expert repairs. Learn how to change your toilet flush system with our professional guidance and support. Our team offers top-rated solutions, ensuring each replacement enhances your bathroom’s functionality and efficiency. Rely on us for swift, reliable toilet flush system repairs and replacements, tailored to meet your specific needs in Singapore.


Types of Toilet Flush System We Offer


Gravity Flush

The gravity flush system, common in Singapore, uses gravitational force to flush. The water from an elevated tank creates pressure as it travels to the bowl, effectively cleaning the toilet and removing waste. This system is particularly efficient in toilets where the tank is directly above the bowl.


Dual Flush Tank

This system offers two levels of water usage, catering to different types of waste. The partial flush is for liquid waste, while the full flush handles solid waste. This environmentally friendly option conserves water and reduces utility bills, making it a popular choice in modern toilet installations.


Pressure Assisted Toilet Flush System

This system employs high-pressure air to forcefully push water into the toilet bowl, reducing the likelihood of clogs but producing more noise. It uses lower volumes of water compared to other systems, offering an efficient flush with less water usage.


Elevated Flush Tank

An older system, this is still found in some squat toilets. It uses a floating ball valve, activated by pulling a chain, to release water for flushing. This design is less common in modern installations but remains effective.


Double Cyclone Flush System

The double cyclone system, a newer addition to the market, combines gravity flush and water spiraling techniques. It utilizes two powerful nozzles that spray water in opposite directions, creating a cyclonic effect for a thorough and efficient cleaning of the toilet bowl.

Details of Our Toilet Flush System Replacement Service

Comprehensive Range of Services
At Pro Handyman, our expertise extends beyond toilet flush repair services to encompass toilet sink installation services and toilet bowl replacement. Our team is proficient in handling various types of toilet flush systems, including traditional flush valves, modern dual flush systems, and efficient pressure-assisted mechanisms.

Step-by-Step Service Breakdown
Our toilet repair begins with a thorough assessment and diagnosis of your toilet’s current flush system. Once we pinpoint the underlying issue, we strategize the best course of action, which could range from expert repair to a complete toilet bowl replacement. After installing the optimal solution, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure peak performance. The process concludes with a meticulous cleanup of the workspace and eco-friendly disposal of any outdated components.

toilet flush system replacement

Types of Toilet Flush Problems

Weak Flush
A “weak” or “lazy” flush often occurs in toilets after years of use. This could be due to a lack of water in the cistern, possibly from a turned-off water supply or low water pressure. A leaking toilet flush valve can also prevent enough water from staying in the toilet cistern, leading to inadequate flushing. Toilets made between 1994 and 1997 often experience weak flushes due to sediment buildup in the siphon jet hole. If unaddressed, this can lead to toilet flush problems, necessitating professional plumbing services.

Partial Flush
Partial flushes, while strong, are incomplete and problematic. This issue is commonly caused by a waterlogged or quickly diminishing flapper valve.For effective flushing, the flapper should remain open until at least 80% of the toilet flushes. A malfunctioning flapper is likely responsible for these incomplete flushes.

Phantom Flush
Phantom flushing happens when the toilet activates without any human interaction, typically due to a worn-out flapper valve. This defect causes water to leak from the toilet cistern into the bowl, leading to constant refilling and draining, which wastes significant amounts of water.

Double Flush
Double flushing, a common toilet flush problem, occurs when excess water leaks from the tank into the bowl, often caused by a lightweight or improperly fitted flapper. Too much water in the tank, possibly due to a poorly set toilet fill valve, can also result in double flushing.

Whistling Tank
A whistling sound in your tank is usually a sign of a faulty flush valve. Wear and tear on the valve can lead to deterioration, whistling noises, and even vibrations in the toilet bowl. This issue can result in water leakage, increased utility bills, and further complications.

Slow Fill
A slow-filling tank can be caused by a partially open water supply valve, a clog in the supply line, or low water pressure. The problem might stem from a faulty pressure pump, restricting the water flow into the toilet cistern.

Leaking Tank
Leakage in the toilet flush valve can occur due to issues like a faulty supply line, cracks in the porcelain, or malfunctioning parts within the flush system. The leakage may affect the toilet bowl or the surrounding area.

Flush Button Issue
When pressing the flush button doesn’t activate the toilet flush, it’s likely due to a faulty toilet cistern. The cistern, which holds the water back, releases it when the button is pushed. A malfunctioning button mechanism often indicates a problem within the cistern itself.

Common Causes of Toilet Flush System Replacement

Wear and Tear
One of the most common reasons for flush issues is wear and tear. Over time, the components of the flush system, such as valves, flappers, and seals, can degrade, leading to diminished flushing efficiency and performance.

Leaks and Incompatibility
Leaks are another significant problem, often caused by damaged seals or valves. These leaks not only increase water bills but can also cause damage to your bathroom. Moreover, if you have a new toilet that isn’t compatible with your existing flush system, a replacement may be necessary.

Upgrading for Efficiency
Many homeowners choose to replace their old systems with newer, more water-efficient models. This upgrade is not only environmentally friendly but also leads to cost savings on water bills, making it a popular choice for modern households.

Tips to Maintain Your Toilet Flush System


Regular Cleaning and Inspection
Maintaining the longevity and effectiveness of your toilet flush is largely dependent on regular cleaning and inspection. Frequent cleaning helps prevent the buildup of mineral deposits and dirt, which can hinder the system’s performance. Additionally, routinely checking critical components such as the flapper, seal, and flush valve for wear or damage is essential in early problem detection.

Timely Repairs and Water Level Adjustments
To prevent minor issues from escalating, it’s crucial to promptly replace any faulty parts. Addressing wear and tear issues as soon as they arise can help avoid more significant and costly problems down the line. Moreover, fine-tuning the water level in the tank as needed ensures optimal flushing performance, contributing to the overall efficiency of the toilet flush.

Why Choose Pro Handyman for Your Toilet Flush System Replacement?

Our commitment to quality craft and exceptional customer service at Pro Handyman sets us apart from the competition. Here’s why you should choose us for your toilet flush system replacement needs:


Our skilled handypersons are experienced in handling a wide range of toilet flush systems and can diagnose and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Quality Materials

We use only high-quality, durable components for our toilet flush system replacements to ensure long-lasting performance.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work and offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure you are completely happy with our service.

FAQ for Toilet Flush System Replacement

A toilet flush system replacement is a professional service handyman provides to remove and replace the components of your toilet’s flushing mechanism. This service ensures your toilet’s optimal performance and efficiency, helping you maintain hygiene and comfort in your home.

There are several signs that your toilet flush system may require replacement, including:

  • Poor flushing performance
  • Frequent clogs
  • Leaking water from the tank or base of the toilet
  • Constantly running water or the need to jiggle the handle to stop it
  • Incompatibility with a recently installed toilet

The cost of toilet flush system replacement can vary depending on the complexity of the job and the type of flush system being installed. Pro Handyman offers transparent, upfront pricing for our services, with no hidden fees. Contact us for a detailed quote based on your specific needs.

We Pro Handyman, we prioritize sustainability and aim to reduce water waste. We offer a range of water-efficient flush systems, including dual flush and pressure-assisted models, that meet or exceed industry standards for water conservation.

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