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Looking for expert sliding door repair in Singapore at affordable prices? Our door specialists provide quality balcony sliding door repair, glass sliding door repair, and aluminium sliding door repair services. Ensure smooth operation and longevity for all your sliding doors with our trusted and professional solutions.


Our Sliding Door Repairs Services

At Pro Handyman, we take great pride in our comprehensive expertise, covering a range of sliding door repair issues, including wardrobe sliding door repair. Our sliding door repair services are designed to ensure that your installations, whether they are the glass sliding door of a patio or the wooden door of a living room, function optimally, continuing to enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your living space.

Track and Roller Repairs
Damaged or misaligned tracks are common issues we address in our sliding door repair services, hindering the smooth movement of your doors. Our skilled technicians are proficient in repairing or undertaking sliding door replacement for these tracks, ensuring effortless operation. Additionally, we tackle problems with worn or dysfunctional rollers, where our team’s expertise in sliding door repair shines, promptly repairing or replacing these essential components.

Door Panel Restoration
The condition of door panels, particularly in wooden door structures, significantly affects both functionality and visual appeal. Our professionals skillfully handle warped, cracked, or otherwise damaged panels, offering solutions from repair to complete door replacement. We provide comprehensive wardrobe door replacement when necessary, revitalizing the elegance and operation of your sliding doors.

Hardware Maintenance
Maintaining the structural integrity of your sliding door system is crucial, a task often requiring meticulous sliding door repair or replacement. Loose or missing hardware compromises door alignment and stability. Our services, ideal for everything from a wooden door to an hdb door, involve tightening or replacing faulty components, thereby ensuring the overall performance of your doors.

Lubrication Services
Over time, components of a sliding door, especially those frequently used like a front door, suffer from friction and wear due to insufficient lubrication. Our technicians counteract this by applying appropriate lubricants to tracks and rollers, a critical aspect of balcony sliding door repair, facilitating smoother movement and prolonging your door system’s lifespan.

Wear and Tear Solutions
Though general wear and tear are inevitable, these issues don’t necessitate the end for your sliding doors. Whether you need sliding door removal for a deteriorating front door or sliding door replacement for a malfunctioning system, we address these concerns effectively. Our adjustments and repairs ensure your sliding doors remain dependable and aesthetically pleasing, crucial for every front door that welcomes you home.

Through our dedicated sliding door repair services, we commit to keeping your sliding doors in prime condition, offering everything from wardrobe sliding door repair to advanced sliding door repair replacement procedures. We seamlessly blend practicality with visual appeal, enhancing your daily living experience and ensuring each entrance, be it through a wooden door or a sliding door, contributes positively to your home’s ambience.

Our Sliding Door Repair Works

In Singapore, the frequent usage of sliding doors in both residential and commercial properties can lead to wear and tear. Thankfully, our team is well-equipped to handle a variety of repair needs to ensure your doors operate smoothly and safely.

Aluminium Sliding Door Repair

Aluminium Sliding Door Repair

Aluminium, while durable, can face issues like bending or denting. Our experienced technicians are adept at handling aluminium sliding door repairs, ensuring they remain as robust and efficient as when first installed.

Glass Sliding Door Repair

Glass Sliding Door Repair

Glass doors bring in an aesthetic appeal but can be delicate. From minor chips and cracks to more significant breakages, we’ve got you covered. Our team is skilled in repairing glass sliding doors to restore their beauty and functionality.

Balcony Sliding Door Repair

Balcony Sliding Door Repair

Balcony doors often face the brunt of weather conditions, resulting in possible damage or malfunction. Whether it’s a misalignment issue or a damaged track, our professionals can diagnose and resolve the problem, ensuring your balcony door slides with ease.

Sliding Door Repairs Singapore

Common Causes of Sliding Door Problems

Common Causes of Sliding Door Problems

Sliding doors, although practical and aesthetically pleasing, often face several issues necessitating professional repair. Understanding these underlying causes can help prevent further damage and extend the lifespan of your door system, particularly when dealing with an old door or specific issues like broken glass.

Track and Roller Damage
One of the prevalent issues with sliding doors is damaged or misaligned tracks, often requiring meticulous door alignment services. Problems can arise from various factors, including debris, dust accumulation, improper sliding door installation, or the natural course of wear and tear on an old door. Likewise, the rollers can wear out or break due to regular use, excessive weight burden, or persistent exposure to humidity, contributing to less smooth operation and sometimes resulting in broken glass. When door alignment is compromised, even the most skilled repair men equipped with the necessary equipment may face challenges in ensuring smooth operation.

Panel Deterioration
Door panels, particularly on sliding glass doors, are not immune to damage. They can warp, sustain damage from environmental factors, or even suffer broken glass due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, accidental impacts, or improper sliding door installation. Such issues disrupt the door’s functionality and mar its visual appeal, necessitating comprehensive door repair services.

Hardware and Lubrication Issues
The sliding door’s stability and alignment depend heavily on its hardware. Loose or missing components can severely impact the door’s performance, often requiring a door alignment check. Additionally, insufficient lubrication contributes to increased friction among moving parts, accelerating wear and tear, and necessitating door repair. When these issues affect sliding glass doors, the functionality suffers significantly.

Maintenance Negligence
Often, the root of many repair needs, especially with an old door, comes down to inadequate maintenance. Overlooking tasks such as cleaning tracks, lubricating moving parts, and maintaining door alignment are crucial for the door’s long-term operation. Regular neglect can lead to significant issues over time, compromising the integrity and functionality of the sliding door.

By recognizing these common problems, homeowners can take proactive steps towards proper maintenance and sliding door installation, potentially avoiding the inconvenience and costs associated with extensive repairs. Hiring professional repair men who do a fantastic job with the necessary equipment can significantly help maintain the aesthetic and functional aspects of sliding glass doors, ensuring they continue to serve as a reliable component of the home.

5 Tips to Maintain Your Sliding Doors in Singapore

Tips to Maintain Your Sliding Doors

In Singapore, where the climate can impact various aspects of your home, maintaining sliding doors is essential for their longevity and smooth operation. Ensuring that door repair is done right, especially for sliding glass door issues, is crucial. Here are some straightforward tips to help you keep these features in prime condition, often preventing the need for sliding door replacement.

Cleanliness and Lubrication
Firstly, focus on the cleanliness of the tracks and rollers. Regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris will prevent the door from sticking and ensure it slides smoothly. After cleaning, applying a silicone-based lubricant can further enhance the door’s operation, preventing any grinding noises or jerky movements. This routine maintenance can prolong the life of your doors, reducing the need for frequent door repair.

Hardware and Weatherstripping
It’s also important to regularly check the door’s hardware, particularly door locks. Make sure to tighten all components, including handles and locks, to prevent them from becoming faulty. Regular maintenance of door locks enhances security and may prevent a premature sliding door replacement. Alongside the hardware, inspect the weatherstripping for any signs of wear or damage. Replace it as needed to maintain your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Glass Care
Lastly, taking care of the glass panels, especially for sliding glass door units, is crucial. Gently clean the glass door surfaces with a non-abrasive cleaner to maintain their clarity and shine. This approach helps to avoid scratches, ensuring that your view remains clear.

Selecting a right sliding door repair company
In cases where maintenance is not enough, and you find yourself in need of a sliding door replacement, choosing a service with a very fast response, reasonable pricing, and great service is key. It’s beneficial to opt for providers known for their quick response, especially if you need urgent repairs on a Sunday morning. Selecting a company that guarantees same-day service, sending professionals promptly, can make all the difference.

Residents often appreciate companies that offer reasonable prices, friendly staff, and are highly recommended by locals. Such attributes, combined with a commitment to providing the right repair services, ensure that your sliding doors remain an effortless and attractive component of your home. By adopting these practices, you can enjoy the convenience of your sliding doors for years to come, knowing that help is just a call away for a quick, effective sliding door replacement or repair.

Why Choose Pro Handyman for Sliding Door Repairs Singapore?

We are committed to providing our esteemed clients good service and unmatched professionalism. Here are the key reasons why selecting us for your sliding door repair requirements would be an excellent decision:

Experienced and Skilled Technicians

Our team of technicians is well-trained and experienced in handling a wide range of sliding door repair issues, ensuring quality craft and long-lasting results.

Exceptional Customer Service

We believe in providing prompt, courteous, and professional customer service. Our proficient team remains accessible to address any concerns and respond to inquiries you may have during the entire repair process.

Competitive Pricing

Our goal is to deliver outstanding value for your investment by offering high-quality services at reasonable rates while maintaining the excellence of our work.

FAQs for Sliding Door Repairs Singapore

We repair sliding doors, including glass, wooden, aluminum, and wardrobe doors. Our skilled technicians can handle broken rollers, damaged tracks, misaligned doors, and faulty locks.

The cost of sliding door repairs varies depending on the issue’s complexity, the type of door, and the materials required. We offer competitive pricing and will provide a detailed quote after assessing your situation.

Our technicians at Pro Handyman are highly trained and experienced in handling all aspects of sliding door repairs. They have the necessary tools and expertise to ensure your sliding door functions smoothly and securely.

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