HDB Painting Services Singapore

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Types of HDB Painting Services

At Pro Handyman, we offer a wide spectrum of painting services, including room painting services and house painting services, designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Interior Painting Service

Interior Painting

Specialising in room painting services, we cover every corner of your HDB flat, from the living room and bedrooms to kitchens and bathrooms. Utilising top-quality paint and state-of-the-art tools, we ensure a flawless finish and lasting results.

Exterior Painting Service

Exterior Painting

Our house painting services aren’t just limited to interiors. Our proficiency extends to exterior painting for HDB flats, guaranteeing that the building’s facade is both visually captivating and maintained to the highest standard.

Wall Repair and Preparation

Wall Repair and Preparation

More than just painting services, our skilled painters excel in wall repair and preparation. Whether it’s mending cracks or filling holes, they ensure the wall surfaces are smooth and paint-ready.

Customised Painting Services

Customised Painting Services

Whether it’s furniture painting services for a unique piece or a broader house painting project, Pro Handyman customises solutions based on your preferences, requirements, and budget.

HDB Painting Services Singapore

Different Types of HDB Painting Services

At Pro Handyman, our diverse HDB painting services cater to a broad spectrum of needs.


Full Flat Painting
For those looking to achieve a complete makeover of their homes, our Full Flat Painting service, one of our professional painting services, is the ideal choice. We meticulously paint every corner of your HDB flat, from common spaces like the living room to more intimate areas like the bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. With our professional touch, every room gets a consistent and pristine finish, breathing new life into your home. The painting process we follow ensures each HDB flat benefits from a top-notch paint job.

Single Room Painting
Sometimes, a single room in an HDB flat needs a touch of refreshment. With our Single Room Painting service, one of our notable painting packages, you can bring new energy to any space, be it a bedroom, study, or lounge. Our skilled professionals approach each room with precision and care, ensuring a vibrant transformation.

Ceiling Painting
The ceiling of an HDB house is often overlooked, but it plays a crucial role in the overall atmosphere of a room. With our Ceiling Painting service, we ensure that your ceilings aren’t left out in our painting projects. By giving them a fresh coat, they contribute positively to your HDB flat’s refreshed appearance.

Protective Paint Coating
Singapore’s humid climate demands special care for HDB flat walls. Our Protective Paint Coating service, one of our tailored painting packages, involves the application of premium quality paints that are weather-resistant, ensuring your walls are shielded from moisture and mould. This protective layer also offers a surface that’s easy to clean, providing long-lasting protection.

Decorative and Feature Wall Painting
Create a unique statement in your HDB flat with our Decorative and Feature Wall Painting service, a sought-after option in our painting packages. Perfect for those wishing for a standout space, we tailor a feature wall with selected paint colours that align with your aesthetic preferences, whether you desire bold colours or subtle textures.

Eco-friendly Painting
As committed painting contractors, we understand the importance of sustainable living. That’s why we offer Eco-friendly Painting services that use low-VOC paints. These environmentally-conscious options are not just kinder to the planet, but they also provide a healthier ambiance for your HDB flat, ensuring the well-being of your family.

Types of Paints Available


Odour-less Medifresh
Specially formulated for those with heightened sensitivity to smells, the Odour-less Medifresh, one of our professional painting service options, offers almost no odour. It’s an ideal choice for regular HDB flat wall and ceiling maintenance. Plus, its low sheen finish imparts a subtle shine, elevating the brightness of your walls.

Odour-less Easy Wash
For those seeking minimal scent during and after the painting process in their HDB flat, the Odour-less Easy Wash is an excellent pick. Like the Medifresh, it is washable, making it perfect for consistent wall and ceiling cleaning. The painting work we execute ensures a gentle glow, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Odour-less All In 1
Prioritizing a near odour-free experience for HDB flats, the Odour-less All In 1 paint is a top choice. Not only is it washable for regular upkeep, but it also boasts a matt finish, adding depth to paint colours.

Easy Wash with Telfon
As expert painting contractors, we present the Easy Wash with Telfon, a versatile choice for HDB flat homeowners. What sets it apart is the inclusion of Telfon Technology, acting as a surface protector against common HDB flat stains.

3 in 1 Medifresh
Designed keeping health in mind, the 3 in 1 Medifresh offers anti-bacterial properties. It’s an apt choice for HDB flat households. The paint’s sheen finish instantly brightens any room.

Vinyl Silk
For those in HDB flats chasing a medium-level shine, the Vinyl Silk provides a silky sheen finish. Its lustrous touch amplifies the appearance of walls.

Vinilex 5000
A classic choice for HDB flat owners, the Vinilex 5000 comes with a timeless matt finish. This paint type subtly elevates walls.

Perfect for HDB flat owners on a budget or managing rental properties, Matex, renowned in painting jobs, offers reliable quality. As dedicated painting contractors, we ensure it stands as an affordable yet effective solution for various painting needs.

Tips and Procedure of HDB Painting Services

At Pro Handyman, we’re committed to a meticulous and systematic approach to deliver optimal painting results.


Consultation and Quotation
Every painting journey begins with a clear understanding of your vision. We take the time to grasp your painting aspirations and then provide a detailed quotation. This includes information on the scope of work, materials to be used, and a breakdown of all associated costs.

Surface Preparation
The key to impeccable painting lies in preparing the surface. To guarantee longevity and the highest quality, we start with a clean slate. This means diligently removing dust, dirt, and any old paint remnants, ensuring a pristine canvas for the fresh coat.

Repair Work
A flawless painting job demands a flawless surface. If there are any blemishes or imperfections, our skilled painters address them adeptly. From mending cracks and holes to smoothening uneven surfaces, we ensure the foundation is perfect.

Primer Application
Setting the right base is essential for a long-lasting and even finish. We apply a high-quality primer to the prepared surface. This step not only enhances paint adhesion but also ensures that the final paint job is consistent and vibrant.

With the stage set, our professionals, equipped with top-tier paint and refined techniques, get to work. Their expertise guarantees a seamless application and an impeccable finish, transforming your space to match your aspirations.

Cleanup and Inspection
Quality assurance is integral to our services. After the painting is done, we meticulously clean the area and conduct a thorough final inspection. This ensures that the finished project meets our stringent standards and aligns with your expectations.

Why Choose Pro Handyman for HDB Painting Services in Singapore ?

When you choose Pro Handyman for your HDB painting services in Singapore, you can expect:


Our team of highly skilled and experienced painters is dedicated to providing top-quality craft and superior results.

Superior Craftsmanship

We use only high-quality paint and materials, ensuring a long-lasting and durable finish.

Customer Satisfaction

At Pro Handyman, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are delighted with the results.

FAQ for HDB Painting Services Singapore

HDB painting service refers to the professional painting of Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats in Singapore. Pro Handyman offers a comprehensive range of painting services, including interior and exterior painting, wallpaper removal, custom color consultation, and specialty finishes, to cater to the diverse needs of HDB homeowners.

The cost of HDB painting service varies depending on factors such as the size of your flat, the scope of work, the type of paint, and the complexity of the project. Pro Handyman provides a detailed, no-obligation quotation after assessing your specific requirements to ensure transparency and affordability.

The duration of an HDB painting project depends on the size of your flat, the number of rooms, and the complexity of the job. Generally, an HDB painting project can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Pro Handyman strives to complete projects efficiently while maintaining the highest quality standards.

For interior painting, there is no need to obtain a permit or approval from the HDB. However, for exterior painting or any structural changes, you may need to seek approval from the HDB or relevant authorities. Pro Handyman’s team can guide you through the process if necessary.

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