Ceramic Drilling Services in Singapore

At Pro Handyman, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier ceramic drilling services in Singapore. Fully recognizing the unique properties and fragility of ceramics, such as ceramic tile and porcelain tiles, our approach to drilling is both meticulous and specialized. Our dedicated team of expert technicians is well-equipped with tile drill bits and diamond drill bits, and trained to handle various hard materials, ensuring precision and care in every drilled hole they undertake.

We understand that when it comes to ceramics, even the slightest mistake can lead to costly damages. That’s why at Pro Handyman, we employ industry-best practices and utilize state-of-the-art equipment, including drill bits with a carbide tip for enhanced performance. This commitment to excellence ensures that your ceramics are drilled accurately, maintaining the appropriate hole depth without compromising their integrity.

Whether it’s for intricate artwork, household fixtures, or commercial installations, Pro Handyman has the expertise to cater to a broad range of ceramic drilling requirements. Trust in our team to start drilling with precision, delivering results that meet your expectations, safeguard the value, and respect the unique properties of your ceramic pieces. With Pro Handyman, your ceramics, and protective gear for safety, are in expert hands.


Types of Ceramic Drilling Services

Pro Handyman provides a comprehensive range of ceramic drilling services, including wall drilling services, tailored to both residential and commercial needs in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for home drilling services to install bathroom fixtures, lay ceramic tiles, fit porcelain sinks, or mount decorative wall pieces, our drilling service expertise ensures precision, correct hole depth, and care. We understand the intricacies involved in handling ceramics, a material celebrated for its delicate nature and unique properties. Our team is adeptly equipped and trained, assuring every hole is executed with meticulous attention to detail, preserving the beauty and integrity of your ceramics throughout the entire drilling process.

Ceramic Drilling Services

Different Types of Ceramic Drilling Procedure

At Pro Handyman, our ceramic drilling services encompass various applications tailored to your specific needs. Our tile drilling is an excellent choice for those updating bathrooms or kitchens, guaranteeing precision and neatness in every hole made. For those looking to install or replace hardware such as faucets and towel racks, our fixture drilling service offers a seamless solution. Furthermore, when it comes to enhancing your space with wall art, planters, or other decorative items on ceramic backdrops, you can rely on our decorative piece drilling expertise. Each service is designed to uphold the integrity of your ceramics while meeting your desired outcome.

Tips and Procedure of Ceramic Drilling

At Pro Handyman, our technicians employ top-of-the-line diamond-tipped drill bits to maintain the highest quality in ceramic drilling. The process begins by marking the exact drilling spots with a temporary marker. To guarantee pinpoint accuracy, a drill guide is used. The drilling speed is then gradually escalated, ensuring the ceramic doesn’t overheat or crack. Simultaneously, water is applied during drilling to keep the bit cool and minimise dust, which results in a tidy and efficient operation.

Why Choose Pro Handyman's Ceramic Drilling Services?

Pro Handyman strives to offer top-quality ceramic drilling services in Singapore, adhering to the highest safety and quality standards. Here’s why you should choose us:


With years of experience in the field, our technicians have the skills and knowledge to handle any ceramic drilling task with precision and care.

Quality Workmanship

We use state-of-the-art equipment and diamond-tipped drill bits for clean, precise holes, ensuring the longevity and integrity of your ceramics.

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We're not just providing a service but building lasting relationships with our clients.

FAQ for Ceramic Drilling Services in Singapore

Pro Handyman offers professional ceramic drilling services for various applications, including tile, fixture, and decorative piece drilling. Our services are suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

We utilize top-tier diamond-tipped drill bits for all our ceramic drilling operations. Our technicians follow a thorough procedure that includes careful marking of drilling points, precise alignment, and gradual increment of drilling speed to prevent overheating and cracking. We also use water to minimize dust and keep the drill bit cool for a clean operation.

Yes, it is safe to drill into ceramics correctly and with the right tools. Our team at Pro Handyman is equipped with the expertise and experience to do so without causing damage.

The cost of our ceramic drilling services varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. Please get in touch with our customer service team for a customized quote.

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