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For small wall drilling projects in Singapore, our services provide precision and care for even the most delicate tasks. Recognized as the best in the field, our wall drilling services guarantee top-notch results for any installation. Offering affordable wall drilling solutions, we cater to various budgets without compromising on quality. Choose our cheap wall drilling services in Singapore for cost-effective and reliable assistance in your home or business upgrades.


Types of Wall Drilling Services We Offer


Residential Drilling Services

At Pro Handyman, our handyman drilling services cater to the everyday needs of homeowners, ensuring high quality services in drilling. Whether it’s for hanging photo frames, mirrors, or other decorative items, our residential drilling services ensure that your walls are treated with care and precision. This service is ideal for those looking to add a personal touch to their homes without compromising wall integrity.


Commercial Drilling Solutions

Understanding commercial demands, our team excels in drilling service Singapore, providing professional drilling service for businesses. This includes installing fixtures, signage, and ensuring proper placement of furniture. Our commercial drilling service is tailored to meet the robust requirements of business environments, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality.


Heavy-Duty Drilling for Larger Projects

For substantial projects, Pro Handyman offers a heavy-duty drilling service, perfect for home improvement projects. This is perfect for installing weightier items such as shelves, cabinets, or any other wall-mounted elements that require extra support. We ensure a seamless installation process, providing the strength and reliability needed for these larger-scale endeavors. Each service is customized to deliver optimal results, guaranteeing both precision and client satisfaction.

About Our Wall Drilling Services

At Pro Handyman, we excel in delivering bespoke wall drilling services, including ceramic drilling services tailored to various surfaces. Our primary goal is to cater to a broad spectrum of client requirements. From home drilling services like hanging artwork to mounting televisions and setting up wall-mounted lights, our skilled technicians have the comprehensive training and expertise to execute each task, be it ceramic drilling or any other drilling service, with meticulous accuracy. Whether it’s for aesthetic appeal or functional purposes, you can trust Pro Handyman to ensure impeccable results every time.

Wall Drilling Services

When Wall Drilling is Needed

Curtain Rods and Blinds Installation
Installing curtain rods and blinds not only enhances the aesthetics of a room but also provides privacy. Our handyman drilling service ensures drilling holes correctly for curtain rods and blinds, providing reliable services, and our skilled experts are equipped to complete this task with precision and efficiency. With our help, your curtains and blinds will be up and functional in no time.

Framed Paintings and Pictures
Our professional handyman ensures accurate measurements and careful drilling methods for hanging paintings and pictures to ensure that they are displayed beautifully and securely. Our experienced handymen are adept at handling these tasks, ensuring that your artworks and memories are showcased in the best possible manner, enhancing the aesthetics of your property.

TV Bracket Installation
With the rising popularity of flat-screen TVs, wall mounting has become a common practice. However, the drilling service Singapore for TV brackets must be done meticulously, ensuring a sturdy and straight manner of installation. Our team ensures a secure and stable installation, so your TV remains safely mounted on the wall, immune to accidental nudges or pushes.

Shelf Installation
Shelves serve the dual purpose of storage and aesthetic enhancement in a home. Given their often heavy and bulky nature, shelf installation, a part of our home drilling services, is best done with our professional drilling service, ensuring sturdy and straight manner installations. We ensure a safe and sturdy installation, preventing any potential injuries or damages, while also improving the functionality and look of your space.

Our Procedure for Wall Drilling


Detailed Wall Assessment
This initial step is crucial to identify any hidden pipes, wiring, or other obstacles within the wall. This helps prevent accidental damage during drilling.

Marking Drilling Points
Your specialists carefully mark the points where drilling is to be done, ensuring they align perfectly with the requirements of the project. This precision helps in achieving the desired result without unnecessary holes or errors.

Use of Advanced Equipment
The use of high-quality, advanced drilling equipment contributes to the accuracy of the work. It likely allows for cleaner and more precise holes, reducing the risk of wall damage.

Minimizing Dust and Debris
During the drilling process, your team takes measures to keep dust and debris to a minimum. This is not only important for the cleanliness of the space but also for the safety and health of everyone involved.

Post-Drilling Clean-up
Concluding the service with a thorough clean-up is a great practice. It ensures that the space is left tidy, respecting the client’s property and providing a complete, professional service from start to finish.

Why Choose Pro Handyman's Wall Drilling Services?

Choosing Pro Handyman for your wall drilling needs in Singapore gives you access to a team of experienced professionals committed to delivering high-quality results.


Our team has extensive experience and skills in handling diverse drilling tasks.

Quality Tools

We use advanced drilling tools to ensure a smooth, precise, and efficient process.

Customer Satisfaction

We place our customers at the heart of our services, aiming for complete satisfaction in every project.

FAQ for Wall Drilling Services Singapore

Our wall drilling service includes precise drilling of walls for various purposes such as mounting TV units, hanging artwork, installing shelves, or affixing fixtures. We also ensure a thorough cleanup after the drilling process.

Before the drilling process begins, our technicians conduct a detailed assessment of the wall to locate any hidden wiring or pipes. This step is essential in preventing any accidental damage. We also use professional-grade tools and follow stringent safety protocols to ensure our clients and staff’s safety.

Yes, Pro Handyman offers wall drilling services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team has the expertise to handle any wall-drilling task, whether big or small.

The cost of our wall drilling services varies depending on the complexity and size of the project. For a detailed quote, please get in touch with our customer service team with your specific requirements.

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