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Dealing with ceiling plaster issues can be a hassle. Whether you’re noticing cracks in your plaster ceiling, stains, or the troubling signs of water damage, these problems shouldn’t be left untreated. Not addressing them in a timely manner can lead to bigger, more costly repairs, perhaps even a complete ceiling repair or plaster ceiling repair services down the road. 

Pro Handyman Singapore specialises in plaster ceiling repair services for both residential and commercial properties. Our dedicated team of experts, or rather, your trusted plaster ceiling contractor, has the skills and knowledge to diagnose and treat any ceiling plaster issues, ensuring that repairs are durable and of the highest quality, synonymous with only quality work. With our quality workmanship, we aim to bring your ceiling back to its pristine condition, enhancing the overall aesthetic and safety of your living space.


Details of Our Ceiling Plaster Repair Service

At Pro Handyman, we are not only experts in ceiling plaster repair but also in false ceiling installation services and damaged false ceiling repair. Our service in Singapore begins with a detailed inspection of the affected areas. We determine the root cause of the issue, be it from a traditional ceiling or from those seeking ceiling repair in Singapore for more modern false ceilings. We then devise a solution tailored to your specific needs, involving such installation or repair processes. 

Depending on the severity, our approach might involve patching up minor holes, replacing damaged plaster sections, or in more extensive cases, applying a fresh layer or even a complete overhaul. Whether it’s a false ceiling repair or a standard ceiling fix, our ultimate goal is to deliver a seamless and refined finish that melds perfectly with your existing ceiling, bringing back its pristine charm.

Gypsum Board and False Ceiling Pricing

Opting for our direct plaster ceiling installation and repair services ensures you receive outstanding value. By eliminating the costs associated with middlemen, we offer competitive rates while maintaining the highest quality standards. Here’s a breakdown of our pricing:

  • Standard Plaster Ceilings: Starting at S$2.50 per square foot.
  • Acoustic Gypsum Board Ceilings: Priced from S$9 per square foot.
  • Fire-rated Drywall Ceilings: Begin at S$6 per square foot.
  • L-box Ceilings: Available from S$5 per foot run.
  • Pelmets: Whether it’s for windows or curtains, the starting price is S$9 per foot run. Additionally, aircon pelmets are available from S$50 per unit.
  • Cornices: Installation starts from S$3.50 per foot run, while repairs commence at S$150.

For more details on how our specialized plaster ceiling services can enhance your space, please contact us.

Our False Ceiling/ Plaster Ceiling Solutions

Pelmet Installations
Pelmet Installations
Cornice Solutions
Cornice Solutions
Acoustic Ceilings
Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic and Fire-Rated Ceilings: At Pro Handyman Singapore, we specialize in installing plaster ceilings tailored for soundproofing and fire resistance. Our acoustic ceilings, crafted with sound-absorbing panels, are perfect for homes and offices, providing a quieter environment and concealing HVAC systems for energy efficiency. We also pride ourselves on design customization. Our fire-rated ceilings, ideal for industrial use, come with 1-hour or 2-hour fire certifications, leveraging the fire-resistant nature of gypsum.

Pelmet Installations: We provide a diverse range of pelmet solutions. Our window pelmets not only improve insulation and regulate light but also seamlessly fit any window design. Beyond mere functionality, we tailor these pelmets with designs ranging from modern to classic. We also offer aircon pelmets to neatly conceal AC pipework, enhancing energy efficiency. Additionally, our ambient pelmet and cove lighting, using LED strips, create the perfect ambiance in various spaces.

Cornice Solutions: We enhance interiors with our decorative cornices and coving, seamlessly connecting ceilings to walls. Our diverse trim designs, from minimalist to ornate, uplift room aesthetics. We also offer complementary ceiling rose mouldings. Ensuring durability, our skilled team guarantees installations resistant to water, shrinkage, and cracking. Furthermore, we provide repair services to tackle issues like water damage, ensuring our installations remain pristine over time.

Ceiling Plaster Repair Services

Advantage and Disadvantage of Plaster Ceilings

The Advantages of Plaster Ceilings

Delving into the benefits of plaster ceilings reveals their popularity among homeowners and interior design professionals alike. One of the primary advantages is the aesthetic versatility they offer. Plaster ceiling installation, being a key part of this, allows for an assortment of textures and shapes, providing a wide berth for custom designs and intricate, appealing visual details. This flexibility often makes it an ideal choice for restoration projects where matching historical styles is crucial. Moreover, plaster ceilings contribute significantly to soundproofing a room due to their dense nature, reducing noise transmission and creating a serene interior atmosphere. They also hold a robust resistance against the rigors of time, often showing less susceptibility to shrinking or warping, hence offering an enduring elegance that withstands years of wear and tear.

Understanding the Disadvantages of Plaster Ceilings

However, the decision to opt for plaster ceilings comes with its set of compromises. The plaster ceiling installation process stands as a primary concern; it is labor-intensive and demands a high level of craftsmanship, inevitably leading to increased costs in both labor and time. Furthermore, any need for repair services or alteration down the line can be cumbersome, as plaster can be difficult to remove or modify without risking damage to the surrounding areas. This rigidity in alteration contrasts starkly with the ease of change found in other ceiling materials, potentially making plaster ceilings a less attractive option for those who prefer ease of renovation.

Common Causes of Ceiling Plaster Damage

Ceiling plaster damage can arise from a variety of reasons, often affecting both false ceiling and traditional designs. Water damage is a prime culprit, where leakages from pipes or the roof seep into the gypsum board, leading it to stain, soften, or even bubble, especially in a damaged false ceiling. Similarly, as buildings age, they naturally undergo structural movements. 

This shifting can produce cracks in the plaster or ceiling, indicative of more severe structural damage. Another concern is the natural wear and tear of ceiling plaster in older properties, which, over time, can manifest as cracks or holes, necessitating immediate ceiling repair. 

Furthermore, damage can also stem from improper ceiling installation, particularly in cases of false ceiling setups. When plaster or gypsum board doesn’t adhere correctly to a surface during ceiling installation, its longevity and integrity are compromised, paving the way for potential damage and such damages.

Tips to Maintain Your Ceiling Plaster

To ensure the longevity of your ceiling plaster and false ceiling, it’s essential to adopt certain preventive measures. Start by routinely checking for any indications of water leakage and take immediate action for ceiling repair if spotted. 

Visible cracks and holes in the ceiling might suggest underlying structural concerns, so keep an eye out for them, especially if you have a suspended ceiling or false ceiling. For those residing in older properties, it’s wise to seek a professional inspection from a general contractor, mitigating the risk of unexpected plaster damage. 

Additionally, maintaining adequate ventilation in your home is crucial, as it helps ward off unwanted moisture build-up, further protecting your plaster and gypsum board ceilings. Considering home installations like fire resistant false ceiling options and efficient electrical works for enhanced lighting effects can also preserve the aesthetic and functional quality of your ceiling space.

Why Choose Pro Handyman for Ceiling Plaster Repair?

Pro Handyman prides itself on delivering superior craft and outstanding customer service. Here’s why you should choose us:


With years of experience, we have the skills and knowledge to repair any ceiling plaster damage effectively.

Quality Materials

We use high-quality materials to ensure your ceiling looks great and lasts longer.

Fast and Efficient Service

Our team is professional, punctual, and respectful, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.

FAQ for Ceiling Plaster Repair

Our service starts with an in-depth inspection of the affected ceiling areas. We identify the source of the problem and devise a comprehensive solution, which may include patching small holes or cracks, scraping and replacing damaged plaster, applying a fresh layer of an application, or performing a complete overhaul if necessary.

Several factors can lead to ceiling plaster damage, including water damage from leaks, structural movement of the building, aging plaster, and improper installation.

Regular checks for water leakage, vigilance for cracks and holes, professional inspections for older properties, and ensuring proper home ventilation can all help maintain the integrity of your ceiling plaster.

Pro Handyman boasts experience, quality, professionalism, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing. We utilize high-quality materials and skilled craft to restore your ceiling to its former glory.

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