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False ceilings, also known as dropped or suspended ceilings, are secondary structures hung below the main ceiling. They not only enhance aesthetics but also hide wires, boost acoustics, improve insulation, and provide easy access to concealed utilities. At Pro Handyman, our specialists have extensive experience in installing these ceilings, ensuring a thorough transformation of your living or work area.


Details of Our False Ceiling Installation Services

Service Overview
In the realm of false ceiling installation and ceiling repair in Singapore, we provide a wide range of services tailored to meet the specific tastes of our clients. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring each project, from false ceiling repair to new installations, is carried out with the utmost precision, delivering a result that exceeds expectations.

Ceiling Types
We are specialists in the design and installation of various false ceilings, encompassing materials like gypsum, metal, wood, and plasterboard. Whether your preference leans towards a contemporary, sleek design or a detailed, classic style, our extensive experience in the Singaporean market ensures your vision is brought to life.

Maintenance & Repair
Our commitment doesn’t end with installation. We also offer top-notch ceiling plaster repair services, ensuring that your false ceiling remains in prime condition, enhancing your space for years to come.

Our Process
Every project kicks off with a comprehensive consultation to understand your specific needs. This is followed by a site assessment to determine feasibility. We then outline a detailed plan and provide a cost estimate for your consideration. Upon your nod, the process, whether it’s installation or repair, is undertaken with a keen attention to detail, ensuring all safety and quality standards are met for a perfect finish.

False Ceiling Installation

Different Types of False Ceilings

False ceilings, often termed as drop or suspended ceilings, are available in diverse styles and materials, catering to both aesthetic and functional requirements.

Gypsum Ceilings: Lightweight and fire-resistant, these ceilings are crafted from gypsum board panels. Their smooth finish makes them a favoured choice for both commercial and residential settings.

Metal Ceilings: Renowned for their durability and modern look, metal ceilings cater primarily to industrial environments or contemporary interior designs.

Wooden Ceilings: Exuding warmth and natural charm, wooden ceilings are prevalent in homes, boutique hotels, and restaurants, thanks to their timeless elegance.

Fiberglass Ceilings: Recognised for superior sound absorption, fiberglass ceilings are ideal for spaces like offices or studios where noise reduction is pivotal.

Plasterboard Ceilings: Created from robust plasterboard sheets, these ceilings are sought after for customised, intricate designs due to their design flexibility.

Tips and Procedure for False Ceiling Installation

Understanding and precision are paramount when it comes to false ceiling installation. Below is a concise outline of the process:

Planning: Begin by taking precise measurements of the room. Next, decide on the design and material of the false ceiling you wish to have, keeping in mind the room’s purpose, aesthetic appeal, and your budget.

Marking: Clearly indicate the desired height for the false ceiling. It’s essential to maintain uniformity across the room.

Framing: Set up either metal frames or wooden battens, which will serve as the foundational support for the false ceiling.

Panel Installation: Affix the chosen ceiling panels onto the previously installed frame.

Finishing: Attend to the joints and edges, ensuring they are sealed. Then, depending on the material, finish the surface, which may involve painting, plastering, or retaining its original appearance.

Light Fixtures: Should you opt for recessed lighting, make sure to install these after your false ceiling is set.

It’s worth noting that while a DIY approach is possible, enlisting professionals, such as Pro Handyman, often guarantees a safer and more polished outcome.

Why Choose Pro Handyman for False Ceiling Installation?

Trust us with your false ceiling installation needs – and we promise you’ll never have to look up at a plain old ceiling again!


With years of experience under our belts, we ensure top-notch craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail


We go above and beyond to transform your space. Whether you're looking to improve aesthetics, enhance acoustics, or insulate your space better, our team can make it happen.

Competitive Service

Our focus on customer satisfaction, timely project completion, and competitive pricing make us your ideal choice for false ceiling installation services.

FAQ for False Ceiling Installation

A false, dropped, suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling hung below the central (structural) ceiling. It serves various purposes, including aesthetic enhancement, heat insulation, soundproofing, and concealing electrical wires or ductwork.

We Pro Handyman, we provide installation services for all types of false ceilings. This includes gypsum, metal, fiber, wood, and glass ceilings.

The installation process starts with a detailed examination of your existing ceiling, followed by a discussion about your requirements. We then provide a custom design and plan using the chosen material. Once approved, our trained professionals install it, ensuring safety and efficiency.

The time required to install a false ceiling varies depending on several factors, such as the size of the room, type of false ceiling, complexity of design, and preparation needed. We can provide a more accurate timeline once we’ve assessed your specific requirements.

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