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Welcome to Pro Handyman, your trusted provider of professional handyperson and carpentry services. We specialise in dismantling and disposal of unwanted furniture. In today’s fast-paced world, the task of taking apart and getting rid of old furniture can be overwhelming, especially when disposal services needed are not straightforward. That’s where Pro Handyman comes in, offering a simple solution to make your life easier, even for those bulky furniture items.


Why Dismantle and Dispose Furniture

Environmental Considerations

Dismantling and disposal of furniture responsibly is vital for the environment and waste management. As old furniture ages, or when you’re looking to replace temporary fixtures, it may no longer serve its original purpose or fit with new furniture aesthetics. Simply discarding these bulky items in landfills contributes to environmental degradation. Waste management ensures that materials such as wood, metal, and plastic can be reused, paving the way for new furniture items.

Safety and Space Management

Over time, worn-out old furniture or built in cabinets can become hazardous. Wardrobe dismantle tasks can highlight issues like power points or exposed electrical wires, which may come with an additional cost. By dismantling and disposing of such items, we mitigate these risks.

Supporting Circular Economy

Disposing of bulky items or old furniture doesn’t necessarily mean sending it to a landfill. Built in cabinets, for instance, can be repurposed. This approach supports local economies and craftspeople who can transform old components into new valuable items or even kitchen cabinets.

Types of Furniture Dismantle and Disposal Services

At Pro Handyman, we pride ourselves on offering a range of services including furniture assembly service, furniture disassembly service, and furniture painting services. At Pro Handyman, our comprehensive Furniture Dismantle and Disposal services are tailored to meet the varied requirements of our customers, whether it’s an old furniture item, a temporary fixture, or built in cabinets that need wardrobe dismantle services. Our furniture disposal process ensures responsible and eco-friendly disposal, in line with waste management guidelines.

Furniture Dismantling: Whether you require a furniture disassembly service for a spacious wardrobe, hefty bed frame or intricate office furniture, our adept technicians have the expertise to handle it.

Furniture Disposal: Beyond simply dismantling, our furniture disposal process ensures that once the furniture is taken apart, each component is disposed of both responsibly and eco-friendly, in accordance with local disposal guidelines.

Furniture Recycling: In line with our broader services like furniture painting services, we also emphasise environmental responsibility. We strive to recycle parts and components whenever feasible, reducing waste and promoting a positive impact on the environment.

Furniture Dismantle and Disposal

Types of Furniture Dismantle and Disposal Services

Furniture Disposal Dismantle and Disposal Services
Our Furniture Dismantle and Disposal services, with numerous years of experience, are designed to be versatile, accommodating a wide range of furniture categories and tailored work services.

Residential Furniture: We handle various household furniture items including bed frames, tables, chairs, cupboards, wardrobes, and more for numerous years in different house settings.

Office Furniture: Beyond residential needs, we also serve businesses by dismantling and disposing of items such as office desks, chairs, conference tables, and storage units, including false ceiling components when they integrate with power points.

Outdoor Furniture: Our expertise extends to the outdoors, where we assist with the dismantling and disposal of patio sets, garden benches and other external furniture pieces.

Tips and Procedure of Furniture Dismantle and Disposal Service

Our approach to Furniture Dismantle and Disposal is designed for simplicity, your utmost convenience, and quick response time.

Booking: Start by contacting us either via a call or by filling out our online form, detailing the furniture items you wish to have dismantled and disposed of, including any wardrobes or power points you may have.

On-site Evaluation: Our dedicated team, offering specialized work services, will swiftly visit your location to assess and verify the specifics of the job.

Dismantling: Skilled professionals ensure that each piece of furniture, especially those close to power points, is carefully taken apart without causing any harm to your property.

Disposal and Cleanup: Post-dismantling, we gather the furniture pieces, ensuring they are removed from your premises. Always aiming to leave the area tidy, we clean up before departing.

For a seamless process, it’s crucial to prioritise safety. Handle furniture with caution to prevent any mishaps. If the furniture has any electronic elements or integrated power points, do remember to disconnect them from their power sources before initiating the dismantling process.

Why Choose Pro Handyman for Furniture Dismantle and Disposal Services?

Choosing Pro Handyman means choosing professionalism, expertise, and peace of mind. Here’s why:


Our technicians are highly trained, and with years of experience, they ensure efficient and professional service.

Environmentally Friendly

We believe in the preservation of our environment. As such, we follow strict guidelines for responsible disposal and strive to recycle as much as possible.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. We are committed to delivering top-quality service and ensuring you are pleased with our work.

FAQ for Furniture Dismantle and Disposal Services

Our Furniture Dismantle and Disposal service includes dismantling your furniture by our skilled technicians, followed by responsible and environmentally-friendly disposal. We also ensure that we clean up your premises before we leave.

No, you don’t need to prepare anything. Our team will handle all aspects of the dismantling process. If your furniture has electronic components, we will disconnect them from power sources.

You can book our Furniture Dismantle and Disposal service by calling or filling out the booking form on our website. Please provide detailed information about the furniture to be dismantled and disposed of.

Our pricing is transparent and competitive. It is based on the type and volume of furniture you need to have dismantled and disposed of. We will provide a quote after the on-site evaluation.

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